Author: Paal Joachim

Add Event – Add Copy

+ Add Copy is located under My Calendar > Add Event > + Add Copy. In the following screenshot we can see the original event and two copies. When clicking the + Add Copy a new copy of the event will automatically be added containing the same Start and End time as in the original […]

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Add Event – Repetition Pattern

Add Repetition Pattern is located under My Calendar > Add Event > Repetition Pattern. Add Event screen. Here are some examples of how to use the Repetition Pattern. Frequency: 1Period: DailyRepeat Until: 2021-11-12 The event will be repeated from the initial selected event date of e.g 2021-11-05 and up to 2021-11-12. Resulting in 7 events […]

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Categories is located under My Calendar > Categories. Category Editor Category NameAdd a new category name. ColorSelect a color which will optionally show up in the calendar on the frontend. Category IconSearch for an icon. Write two letters or more and see which icons that show up. Here is an example. Click the icon to […]

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Category icons

Category icons can be found under My Calendar > Categories. Category Editor > Category Icon. Click the Help link (blue circled ?) to show a list of available icons that can be added to a category. Go through the list and note the name of the icon you would like to use. Close the popup. […]

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Design – Scripts

Scripts is located under My Calendar > Design > Scripts. Disabling scripts will break calendar interactions. This feature is intended for advanced users who wish to provide their own custom scripting. Script Manager Insert scripts on these pages (comma separated post IDs) Find the ID for the WordPress page the calendar is on and add […]

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Design – Style Editor

Style Editor is located under My Calendar > Design > Style Editor. Style Editor Select My Calendar Theme. CSS Style Options Load CSS only on selected pages.Disable My Calendar CSS.Edit a My Calendar stylesheet. CSS Variables Change the primary, secondary, and hightlight colors. Select My Calendar Theme. Choose a theme and click the Preview Stylesheet […]

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Design – Templates

Templates is located under My Calendar > Design > Templates. Template Editor Core Templates The core templates will display event details and appear in five places: gridThe main grid calendar. The content that appears in the popup window. listThe list view calendar. miniThe mini view calendar. details (single event)The single event view, or details page. […]

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Event – Add Event

Calendar Add Event is located under My Calendar > Add Event. When you create a new event in My Calendar, you are creating one primary record in the database, with one start date and time and one set of event details. The Add Event screen is fairly long so that I will be splitting up […]

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Event – Edit Event

Calendar Edit Event is located under My Calendar > Events. Click an event to edit. The main difference from Add Event to Edit Event is the following top menu items. Delete – Delete the event. Edit Event Post – My Calendar events are managed independently, via the My Calendar event manager. They use a custom post type to […]

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Event – Event Groups

Calendar Manage Events is located under My Calendar > Events > Event Groups. Event Groups will also show all the events. This screen makes it possible to group events together or ungrouping specific events. Click to see: Grouped Events, Ungrouped Events or All. Ordering can also be done by ID, Group, Title, Location, Date/Time, Author or Category. Hovering […]

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Event – My Events

Event Management is located under My Calendar > Events. List View One can choose between showing the events in a Grid View or in a List View. Adjust the sort order of the list by clicking the heading titles such as ID, Title, Location, Date/Time, Author or Category. Menu items All (all events), Published (showing published […]

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Help – Get Support

Get Support is located under My Calendar > Help > Get Support.Here is an example of what the screen can look like. Sometimes support will ask you to copy the system information to make it easier to figure out where an error might be. As there might be a plugin or theme or other conflict. […]

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Location – Add New Location

Add New Location is located under My Calendar > Add New Location. Add your new location and fill in the information you need.Remember to click the checkbox for Default Location if this is the address you plan on using most of the time. Name of Location Add a name of the location. Location Address Address […]

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Locations is located under My Calendar > Locations. Add New and Update location permalinks.Quick Edit Actions.Edit Location.Using a shortcode to view a location. Add New and Update location permalinks. Adds a new location.Clicking the Update location permalinks brings us to the Settings > Permalinks screen. Here we can change the slug part of mc-locations to […]

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My Calendar Display Options

My Calendar has two primary methods for displaying events: Shortcodes and Widgets. Shortcodes are small pieces of code intended to be placed in posts or pages. Some examples of using shortcodes are, adding a standard grid-format calendar, a list-formatted calendar, showing the events for the month, the week, or the day. Continue reading below to […]

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Settings – Display

Display Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Display. Grid Event title (Grid) {time}: {title} Example with adding in the word “Event Title” into the Event title (Grid) field.I added shortcode: {time} Event Title: {title} Frontend view: Single Event title (Single) {title} Example with adding in the word “Event Single Title: ” into […]

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Settings – General

General Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > General. My Calendar Management Calendar Page Location “My Calendar” is the title automatically added to the page that is created to display the calendar. You can edit this page as a normal page at Pages > All Pages. Default sort order for Admin Events List […]

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Settings – Input

Calendar Input Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Input. Calendar Input Fields Event editing fields to showRestrict your event authors from using certain fields, or reduce the number of fields you see when creating or editing events, use these options to remove the fields you do not plan to use. Example: Uncheck […]

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Settings – Multisite

The following Multisite screen will be seen if you have the Multisite Network setup activated. My Calendar > Settings > Multisite. Multisite configuration – input Site owners may only post to their local calendar.Site owners have access to post only to their own sub site calendar. Site owners may only post to the central calendar.Site […]

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Settings – Notifications

Calendar Notifications Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Notifications. It can be useful for notifications to be sent out when new events are submitted or created by lower-level subscribers, as these events might need administrative approval to be posted to the calendar. Calendar Email Settings Email Notifications Send Email Notifications when new […]

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Settings – Permissions

Calendar Permissions Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Permissions. My Calendar Permissions Permissions in My Calendar are granular, so you can provide user roles with access only to specific portions of My Calendar. It supports custom roles, as well, so you can grant permissions to any role you create or that is […]

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Settings – Text

Text Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Text. Text Settings My Calendar gives control over a number of text fields via this section of settings. These are not the only elements of text that can be controlled; almost any element of event and date output can be modified. Templating In My Calendar […]

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Shortcode Generators

The shortcode generator is located under My Calendar > Shortcodes. You can use the shortcode generator to create shortcodes for the Main, Upcoming, and Today shortcodes. These are the most commonly used events displays, but there are several other shortcodes available: There are a few other older shortcodes that still exist, but are no longer […]

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Widgets are located under Appearance > Widgets or in the Appearance > Customize > Widgets section. Widgets do not provide different functionality than shortcode functions, but they do make it easier to implement secondary calendars. Block Widgets Block widgets are used in the Core Editor (Gutenberg). Appearance > Widgets. Add widget blocks by clicking the […]

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