Categories is located under My Calendar > Categories.

My Calendar > Categories

Category Editor

The top part is about adding a new category. Add a new category name. Select a color which will show up in the frontend calendar.

Category Icon.
Search for an icon. One can write a word and see which icons that show up. Here is an example. Click the icon to select it.

My Calendar > Categories – Search for an icon.

Private (logged-in users only)
Click this checkbox if you want to add a category only for logged in users.

Select which category will become the default category to be used for the events where you do not select a category.

If you have events that stretches over time than clicking Holiday will skip the days where there is a holiday.

Category List

ID number – of each category.
Category Name
The list can be sorted by ID or Name.

Events – shows how many events are using each category.
Private – If Yes, the category is only seen by logged-in users.
Icon – shows the selected icon (if Hide Category Icons is not checked).
Color – shows the hex color code.

My Calendar > Categories – Category List and Category Settings.

Category Settings

Hide category colors will hide the color.
Title text color will make the title into selected color.
Title background color will add the color into the event background seen in the calendar.
Hide Category icons will hide the icon from the Category List as well as on the Calendar on the frontend.

Quick Edit

My Calendar > Categories – Quick Edit

Hovering over a category in the Category List will show quick edit options.

Edit – Editing a category will make it possible to change a name, color, icon if it is Private, Default or Holiday.

Set as Default – Set as Default will make the selected category the default for any event where one has not selected a category.

Delete – Delete category.

To learn more about Category icons see our documentation.