Scripts is located under My Calendar > Design > Scripts.

My Calendar > Design > Scripts

Disabling scripts will break calendar interactions. This feature is intended for advanced users who wish to provide their own custom scripting.

Script Manager

Insert scripts on these pages (comma separated post IDs)
Find the ID for the WordPress page the calendar is on and add it into the field. This will restrict scripts from loading on other pages.

Disable Grid JS

Disable the event popup in the calendar and automatically show the popup containing an event. One can not click the red circle with an x in it to close it.

Disable List JS

Show the List but the dates in the list are not clickable. (The + sign is not seen.)

Disable Mini JS

Mini calendar. Disables popup interactions in the mini calendar view.

Disable AJAX

Navigating the calendar (e.g., previous/next links, selecting a month, etc.), requires a new page load rather than dynamically navigating within the same page.