Calendar Notifications Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Notifications.

My Calendar > Settings > Notifications

It can be useful for notifications to be sent out when new events are submitted or created by lower-level subscribers, as these events might need administrative approval to be posted to the calendar.

Calendar Email Settings

Email Notifications

Send Email Notifications when new events are added.

Send HTML email
If you select this option you can include your complete HTML template within the Message Body Field.

Notification messages are sent to:
If you wish to send notifications to multiple email addresses, you can enter them separated by commas.

My Calendar Pro version
The plugin will send notifications when events are submitted from the public interface. Those are a separate set of messages. Both notifications will be sent; but they do not need to be sent to the same person.

Notification messages are sent from:
BCC on notifications (one per line):

Email subject – subject line of email
Message Body – message sent (template tags available.)