Event Management is located under My Calendar > Events.

List View

My Calendar > Events – My Events – List View

One can choose between showing the events in a Grid View or in a List View.

Adjust the sort order of the list by clicking the heading titles such as ID, Title, Location, Date/Time, Author or Category.

All (all events),
Published (showing published events),
Drafts (showing draft events),
Trashed and one can also choose to for instance archive older events in the Archived screen.

Bulk actions
Click the checkbox in the ID column of each event to edit multiple events at once.
E.g. Publish, Switch to Draft, Trash, Archive or Delete.

Quick Edit
Hover over an event and see the quick edit links. View, Copy, Delete or Trash an event.

My Calendar > Events (edit event) > Quick Edit

The above is seen for a single event. If there are multiple events associated with each other another option will be seen: Edit Group. This will edit the grouped events. This also bring us to Event Groups.

Grid View

My Calendar: Events – My Events – Grid View

Grid View shows a similar layout to how the frontend shows the My Calendar Grid View. You can filter the events by Categories, Location or Accessibility Services.

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