I will show how to create an event and two copies of the same event.
Events will be seen on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday from now until December 31st 2021.

Add Event.
Fill in the information you need.

In Date and Time. I filled in the time for the original event and made two copies.

Screenshot showing the Date and Time features for duplicating events.
My Calendar > Add Event > Date and Time + Add Copy

In Repetition Pattern.

Frequency: 1. Period: Weekly. Repeat Until: 2021-12-31.

Repetition pattern settings showing a weekly event notification.
My Calendar > Add Event > Repetition Pattern.

Filled in anything else that I needed.
Published the events. View Event and went to the My Calendar main calendar.

Here is the frontend December calendar view.

Calendar grid view showing three weekly recurring events.
Frontend view of my calendar displaying 3 weekly events.

The last weekend was the 26th of December. If I choose to do so I could add another event on Friday the 31st of December.

See the following links for additional information on + Add Copy and Repetition Pattern.