Shortcodes is located under My Calendar > Shortcodes.
Main, Upcoming and Today.


The general Calendar. Will show the default calendar view based on the selections in the Main tab screen. You can also go directly to the backend My Calendar page and modify the shortcodes seen on the bottom in the meta boxes.

My Calendar > Shortcodes > Main

Content Filters

Categories to display. Select All or specific categories to display.
Location filter type. Select a specific location area to filter by.
Location values. Fill in a specific value.
Search keyword. Shows events containing a specific keyword.

Navigation keywords that can be used separated by commas in the “Navigation above calendar” and “Navigation below calendar” fields.

toggle – Switch between list and grid views
timeframe – Toggle between day, week, and month view
jump – Jump to any other month/year
nav – Primary Previous/Next Buttons
calendar – The calendar
key – Categories
print – Link to printable view
feeds – iCal Subscription Links
exports – iCal Subscription Links
locations – Location (dropdown)
categories – Categories (dropdown)
access – Access (dropdown)
search – Search

The attributes will show up in the order they are listed. To remove all navigation add “none”. My Calendar will show the default settings if no attributes are added.
Defaults can be configured in the Settings > Display screen.

Author & Host Filters

Limit by Author.
Limit by Host.

Formatting & Timeframe

Format. Choose from Grid, List or Mini.
Time Segment. Month, Next Month, Week, Day
Months to show in list view. Select the amount of months to be seen in list view.

Initial Date Shown

Select the start date of events going forward.
Year. By Default or the next 5 years.
Month. By Default or a specific month.
By Default or from 1 to 31.


Upcoming events you can show events coming up in the future, or include past events.

My Calendar > Shortcodes > Upcoming


How todays events are seen.

My Calendar > Shortcodes > Today