Locations is located under My Calendar > Locations.

Add New and Update location permalinks.
Quick Edit Actions.
Edit Location.
Using a shortcode to view a location.

My Calendar > Locations

Adds a new location.
Clicking the Update location permalinks brings us to the Settings > Permalinks screen. Here we can change the slug part of mc-locations to something else.

My Calendar: Setting Permalinks for Events and Locations.

Quick edit actions.

Using the mouse button to hover over the location will bring up the actions area.

My Calendar: Locations quick edit

One can View, Edit, Set as Default or Delete the location.

View will show the (map) location on the frontend of your website. Here is an example where I have added the Google Maps API to Settings > Display > Event Display Fields - Single Event to be able to see the map location.

My Calendar > Locations > View (Frontend)

Will bring up the Edit Location screen to where one can edit the location.

Set as Default
When creating an event, the location field will be preset to the default location. Strongly advised if you have only one location – location is a required part of Google’s structured data for events.

Will remove the location.

Edit Location

Clicking to edit Minnesota Orchestra location will show the following screen.
NB! I have also added a Google API key to Settings > Display > Event Display Fields > Single Event so that we will see a location map at the bottom of the Edit Location screen.

My Calendar > Locations > Edit Location

Update GPS Coordinates
Adjusting the location and clicking the Update GPS Coordinates checkbox will update the map along with the rest of the location information on Save Changes.

Using a shortcode to view a location

One can use shortcodes to create a list of Locations.
Example: I made a page which I called Locations list. In it I added the shortcode:
[my_calendar_show_locations sort="country"] This will sort the location list by country. Sorting options are: name, city, state, zip, country and region.

Here is a frontend example of the Locations List page.

My Calendar > Page: Locations List > shortcodes > Frontend

There is also the option to add the shortcode that uses the default “name” sorting option: [my_calendar_show_locations] .

There is also template options for the location shortcode. The location template supports these template tags:
{id}, {label}, {street}, {street2}, {city}, {state}, {postcode}, {region}, {url}, {country}, {longitude}, {latitude}, {zoom}, {phone}, {phone2}

Here is an example:
[my_calendar_show_locations template="{label}, {city}"]

Here is a frontend example of the Locations List page using the above template shortcode.
— Image —

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