Calendar Manage Events is located under My Calendar > Events > Event Groups.

My Calendar > Events (quick edit) > Event Groups

Event Groups will also show all the events. This screen makes it possible to group events together or ungrouping specific events.

Click to see: Grouped Events, Ungrouped Events or All.

Ordering can also be done by ID, Group, Title, Location, Date/Time, Author or Category.

Hovering an event that is grouped will show these quick edit options.

My Calendar > Events > Event – Groups – quick edit

Edit Event
Will show a top menu as the following screenshot.

My Calendar > Events (Edit Event)

Edit Group
Editing a group will make adjustments to all the events in the group.

My Calendar > Events > Event Groups – Edit Event Group

Remove checked events from this group

At the top we can remove events from the group. Which means one can edit an event without it affecting the other events in the same group.

Editable fields for the events in this group match.

The following fields seen are used by all the events in the group. Apply changes to:
Check or uncheck specific events you want to adjust.

Selected dates are a single multi-day event.

Clicking the checkbox will create an association for upcoming events creating a visual on the frontend that these are linked.