Design – Style Editor

Style Editor is located under My Calendar > Design > Style Editor.

My Calendar > Design > Style Editor

Select My Calendar Theme.
Choose a theme and click the Preview Stylesheet link that will be seen under the drop down. These are the themes that currently can be selected.

A theme in dark grays and blacks with light text and dark blue highlighting.

These styles provide a minimal degree of styling, allowing most theme defaults to be dominant.

A light-colored theme almost entirely in whites and light grays with black text.







CSS Style Options

Load CSS only on selected pages
If you only want to load the theme CSS on specific WordPress post ID’s. Add the ID’s into the text field. One way to find the Post ID is by right clicking inside the browser and selecting Inspect (Element) and HTML and CSS areas should show up on the bottom. At the top inside the HTML area one will be able to see postid-(and a number). This postid number would then go into the “Apply CSS on these pages” field.

Update stylesheet to match core version
Updates your version of the stylesheet to match the core version. That could mean removing your customizations or it could mean updating it to be current.

Use your own styles
This will disable the default My Calendar Stylesheet so that you can use your own Stylesheet.

Edit the stylesheet for My Calendar.
Here you can add any customizations to any of the theme stylesheets.

CSS Variables
Modify the primary, secondary and highlighted colors used throughout the calendar.

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