Text Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Text.

My Calendar configurable text output fields. About 20 text fields usable to customize text shown in My Calendar views.

Text Settings

My Calendar gives control over a number of text fields via this section of settings. These are not the only elements of text that can be controlled; almost any element of event and date output can be modified.


In My Calendar 3.4.0, templating settings were moved to the ‘Display’ tab.

Main Calendar View

My Calendar > Settings > Text > Main Calendar View

My Calendar provides adjustable forward and backward navigation link text.

Previous events link – Previous
Next events link – Next

Here is an example of adding {date} to Previous {date} and Next {date} to indicate what month and year is being navigated to.

The frontend will show the Previous and Next links along with the month and year.

My Calendar > Settings Text > Previous and Next with Date shortcode. Frontend view.

Week view caption.

The default caption is “Week of” and the date.

Week view. It only supports the template tag for {date}. Here is an example of adding {date} and the words “Week view caption” to the Week view caption field. This is the template I set: Week view caption {date}. On the frontend we can see the caption followed by Monday’s date.

My Calendar > Settings Text > Week View Caption. Frontend view.

We can also adjust the date format by adding this shortcode: {date format=""}
Example F j,Y so we get Week view caption {date format="F j, Y"} the result would be:

My Calendar > Settings Text > Week View Caption date format. Frontend view.

The bottom of the Text settings we get an overview of the Date/Time Formats.

Extended caption.

Extended caption. Add text if you want additional information than month and year in your calendar heading. Here is an example of adding the words “This is the extended caption” to the calendar heading.

My Calendar > Settings Text > Extended caption. Frontend view.

Single Event View

My Calendar > Settings > Text > Single Event View

Label for all-day events All day can be changed in two places. Through the Text settings or when creating a new event or editing an event.

Changing it through Text settings will change all of the “Label for all-day events” labels. Changing it while creating an event or editing an event will only change the label for the individual event.

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Event Accessibility Heading Event Accessibility
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Here is an example of a single event where one can see most of the text that can be modified.

My Calendar > Settings > Text > various options. Frontend view.

More Information text More information
Browser tab title element template {title} ยป {date}

Date/Time formats

Primary Date Format F j, Y
Time Format g:i a
Month Format (calendar headings)
Date in grid mode, week view M j, ‘y

Date formats

F = month
M = first 3 letters of the month
j = day
Y = Year

Time formats

g = hour
i = minutes
a = am/pm

For additional information: Date formats use syntax from the PHP date() function. See the My Calendar documentation for more information about Event Template tags.

Next: My Calendar > Settings > Display.