Calendar Input Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Input.

My Calendar > Settings > Input
My Calendar > Settings > Input

Calendar Input Fields

Event editing fields to show
Restrict your event authors from using certain fields, or reduce the number of fields you see when creating or editing events, use these options to remove the fields you do not plan to use.

Example: Uncheck Categories and Event Location. Click Save Input Settings. Go to create a new (add) Event or open an existing event. Notice Categories and Event Location inputs have been removed. This will remove Categories and Event Locations for all users.

An alternative method is to use Screen Options in the Add Event or existing event screen to hide fields. Example: Categories and Event Location for all events. This will remove Categories and Event Locations just for my user.

Event: Screen Options. Event editing fields to show.

Notice the two different approaches. Output Settings will removes a field for all users. Screen Options removes it just for yourself.

Location Controls

With Location Controls we can define the values one can select when adding a new location. Save custom values to change location text fields into dropdowns. One field per line. Format: saved_value,Displayed Value

We can add adjustments to the following Input Settings Location Controls Fields:

  • Name of Location.
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Postal Code
  • Region
  • Country

Changing any of the above name/value pairs will also change the name (value) seen in the Location fields, but does not change previously saved data.

Here is an example: Adding Montana – MT, Minnesota – MN and Maine – ME to the location controls for State/Province.

My Calendar > Settings > Input > Location Controls

The Add New Location screen.
We will see a dropdown in the State/Province field. Because of the above adjustment.

My Calendar > Add New Location > State/Province drop down

Being able to control the Location Controls gives us the opportunity to finetune the setup when adding a new location. As we can limit various fields one is able to insert.

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