Event – Add Event

Calendar Add Event is located under My Calendar > Add Event.

Add Event screen.

The above is the default Add Event screen to where you will be adding events to My Calendar.

Event title
Event description

Event title and description.


Event Excerpt


Select the General category or create new category/categories for your event by clicking the + Add Categories. Insert the name and click Add Category.

Event Categories
Event add new category

Defining a Primary Category.

Primary Category

In the above example, I have added three categories Travel, Spain and Summer. I have to update the event to have these newly created categories show up in the Primary Category drop down.

Selecting Primary Category

I can now select Travel category as the Primary Category for this event.
What does selecting Primary Category do?

Date and Time

Start Time and End Time of the event.
Date and End Date (optional) if needed.

Event Date and Time

Instead of adding a Start and End Time you can click the All day event. Here you can rename the Time label and Hide end time if you choose to do so.

All day event feature.

Date and Time – Add occurrence

By clicking + Add occurrence the occurrence screen is seen. Here one can add additional dates of the same event. Having one event occur many times.

Event Date and Time – Add occurrence

Repetition Pattern

With Repetition Pattern one can create a pattern of how often events are repeated. Starting from the first event and ending at the date “Repeat Until” field.

Event Repetition Pattern

Featured Image

The featured image is seen in the pop-up card and in the single event card

Event Featured Image

Event Details

Host – The frontend will show an avatar if available and the words: “Host by (username)”
More Information – The frontend will show a “More information” link. More information text can be changed through Settings -> Text.

Event – Event Details

Event Location

Select an event location in the drop down you have previously made. (None are seen in the following screenshot, as I have not yet made a location.)

Event – Event Location

Event Location – Add a new location

Click the “+ Add a new location” button to open up the fields to add a new location. The checkbox Copy new location will add the location to the Locations screen.

Event – Event Location Add a new location

Fill in the information you feel is needed for your event.


Click the checkboxes to select the accessible options for your event. These will also be seen on the frontend events screen.

Event – Accessibility

Registration Settings

Add a link to an URL where users can get tickets for your events. The frontend will by default show a “Buy Tickets” link. Add additional information related tickets.

Event – Registration Settings

Event – Edit Events

Calendar Edit Events is located under My Calendar > Events. Click an event to edit. The main difference from Add Event to Edit Event is the following top menu items.

My Calendar: Edit Event

Edit Event Post – My Calendar events are managed independently, via the My Calendar event manager. They use a custom post type to manage custom fields. This option makes it possible for custom field managers such as (e.g. Advanced Custom Fields) to edit the post.
Manage Events