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Add Event – Add Copy

+ Add Copy is located under My Calendar > Add Event > + Add Copy. In the following screenshot we can see the original event and two copies. When clicking the + Add Copy a new copy of the event will automatically be added containing the same Start and End time as in the original […]

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Add Event – Repetition Pattern

Add Repetition Pattern is located under My Calendar > Add Event > Repetition Pattern. Add Event screen. Here are some examples of how to use the Repetition Pattern. Frequency: 1Period: DailyRepeat Until: 2021-11-12 The event will be repeated from the initial selected event date of e.g 2021-11-05 and up to 2021-11-12. Resulting in 7 events […]

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Event – Add Event

Calendar Add Event is located under My Calendar > Add Event. When you create a new event in My Calendar, you are creating one primary record in the database, with one start date and time and one set of event details. The Add Event screen is fairly long so that I will be splitting up […]

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Event – Edit Event

Calendar Edit Event is located under My Calendar > Events. Click an event to edit. The main difference from Add Event to Edit Event is the following top menu items. Delete – Delete the event. Edit Event Post – My Calendar events are managed independently, via the My Calendar event manager. They use a custom post type to […]

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Event – Event Groups

Calendar Manage Events is located under My Calendar > Events > Event Groups. Event Groups will also show all the events. This screen makes it possible to group events together or ungrouping specific events. Click to see: Grouped Events, Ungrouped Events or All. Ordering can also be done by ID, Group, Title, Location, Date/Time, Author or Category. Hovering […]

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Event – My Events

Event Management is located under My Calendar > Events. List View One can choose between showing the events in a Grid View or in a List View. Adjust the sort order of the list by clicking the heading titles such as ID, Title, Location, Date/Time, Author or Category. Menu items All (all events), Published (showing published […]

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