Using My Tickets integrated into My Calendar is almost identical to using it with a custom post type, except that the event date, event time, and location data is pulled from your My Calendar event instead of from the post.

My Tickets and Recurring Events

At this time, I don’t recommend that you use My Tickets to sell tickets on recurring or grouped events in My Calendar; the way My Tickets handles event data is not compatible with complex events.

For singular events, it’s very straightforward.

When My Tickets is installed, it will replace the default ‘Registration’ section in your My Calendar Events Manager with the ticketing set up form (as documented in the custom post types form.)

I can’t see how to sell tickets from My Calendar!

It’s possible that you won’t be able to see this form when you first install My Tickets with My Calendar. My Calendar includes options to disable the registration input fields on both a global and an individual level, which can mean that these fields are hidden. If you can’t find the registration information panel under My Calendar > Add Events, there are two places to check.

  1. My Calendar > Settings > Input Settings Make sure that the “Registration” options are enabled for input.
  2. My Calendar > Add Event > Screen Options (Screen options are found in the top right corner of the screen.) Make sure that the registration input options are enabled for you, personally.

The add to cart form is automatically added to your standard details pop-up when viewing My Calendar in either List or Grid mode, and can also be added to Upcoming Events lists or any other custom template using the template tag {register}.