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Custom post types

In any post type that you’re allowing to be used to sell tickets for events, you’ll have a section labeled “My Tickets Purchase Data” in a metabox for that post type. By default, it should appear underneath your main content area; although it’s impossible to control exactly where it will sit on that screen from […]

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Main Settings

The main settings page for My Tickets is where you: set your license key, entitling you to support and updates determine whether to send email as HTML or plain text designate the recipient of administrative email notifications and the sending address for notifications sent to purchasers Write your notification messages for both administrators and purchaser […]

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Notification Messages

Notification messages support twelve default template tags to provide information to your purchasers and administrators. You can add additional notification messages by using the My Tickets custom field api. The content produced by some of these tags is simple strings, but others produce more complicated data. All of the tags automatically toggle their formats depending […]

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Payment Settings

Payment settings cover all the settings directly related to making payments, unsurprisingly. My Tickets supports offline payment and PayPal standard out of the box. Other gateways are available for purchase. Before you can accept payments, you need to set the currency you want to use for selling tickets. You can also define a percentage discount […]

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Ticket Settings

In the ticket settings, you configure what types of tickets you want to support and the default values new events should use. Types of Tickets My Tickets supports 4 types of tickets: Printable, E-tickets, Postal Mail, and Pick up at box office (or “Will call”). On this page, you can define which of these formats […]

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Using in My Calendar

Using My Tickets integrated into My Calendar is almost identical to using it with a custom post type, except that the event date, event time, and location data is pulled from your My Calendar event instead of from the post. My Tickets and Recurring Events At this time, I don’t recommend that you use My […]

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