Category: Event Submissions

Event Submissions Settings

Resource Links Review pending events: By default, events submitted via the public submission forms are assigned “Pending” status, and require approval for publication. This link points to the My Calendar Events Management screen with ‘Pending’ events shown. Event submissions page: Links to your currently defined submissions form. It’s not required to use the primary submissions […]

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Form Builder

The My Calendar submissions form builder allows you to generate heavily customized forms with My Calendar’s event fields. You can use the up and down arrows to modify the order of fields, customize labels, set default category or location, and choose which fields are included. Any custom fields created in the Custom Field editor will […]

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Globally Required Fields

Some fields can be configured as required fields for all submission forms. When enabled, any form created will automatically have these fields added and made required for submission. By default, no event fields are required except for the start date. If you require additional information from your visitors, use these checkboxes to set some fields […]

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Public Event Management

Logged-in users can be given access to view and edit events that they submitted to your site. The front-end event manager uses the same default sorting as the admin event manager. It can be access using the shortcode. Logged-in users can filter events by location or category, can view their events from the lists, or […]

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Requiring Payments

Event submission is a free service by difficult. There are many membership plugins that can be used to control access to your site or to pages of your site for a fee, but if you simply want to grant a variety of users access to pay to submit events, My Calendar Pro allows that. Check […]

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Submission Notifications

General settings Messages sent to administrators There are two types of notifications that are sent: one for newly submitted events, and a second if a submitted event is edited. Each option has a separate subject and message text. The new event notification is sent whenever an event is posted using the front-end submissions form. The […]

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Submission Permissions

As of version 2.1.0, the submission form requires users to be logged-in to submit events as a default. Previously, it was open to the general public by default. The third setting allows finer control over who has the ability to add events to your calendar. The ‘Add Events’ capability is configured in the My Calendar […]

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