Event submission is a free service by difficult. There are many membership plugins that can be used to control access to your site or to pages of your site for a fee, but if you simply want to grant a variety of users access to pay to submit events, My Calendar Pro allows that.

Setting to enable payment requirements.
Enable payments for Event submissions.

Check the box ‘Require payment to submit an event’ under the ‘Payments’ tab to require payments.

Payment settings are broken into four areas:

  1. Payment Settings
  2. New purchase settings
  3. Pricing
  4. Payment Gateways
  5. Configure a Sale

Payment Settings

Settings to configure payment mode and message.
  • Set your payment gateway into testing mode.
  • Payment required message.

New Purchase Settings

Notification messages for event submission purchases.
New purchase notification settings.

Predictability enough, My Calendar Pro sends a message to the administrator and to the purchaser following a new purchase. These fields accept a handful of template tags for dynamic values:

  • {first_name}, {last_name} – as provided by the purchaser.
  • {blogname} – Your site title as configured at WordPress > Settings.
  • {price} – The total amount paid.
  • {key} – The new event submission key the user should use to submit an event.
  • {quantity} – If allowing multiple purchase, how many event submissions this key is good for.
  • {receipt} – Link to the purchase receipt.


Role-based pricing settings for event submission, member discount, and currency settings.
Pricing options

Each event submission has a base price, which is the default price charged for any event submission.

To more finely configure options, you can set a unique price for each user role and/or set a percentage discount for logged-in members, that will apply to all members.

This is also where you’d set the currency you’re processing payments in.

Payment Gateways

PayPal payment gateway settings: PayPal email and merchant ID.

Set your primary PayPal email (this must match the primary email as configured in your PayPal account settings), and add your merchant ID.

Gateway settings for Stripe purchases. Production & Test Keys.

Stripe payments are a more secure method of handling payments.

Configure a Sale

Sale date and discount settings.
Set a temporary sale

Configure a special sale or limited-time discount period by entering a start and end date and a percentage discount. My Calendar Pro only supports one sale at a time, and it applies equally to all purchasers.