The My Calendar submissions form builder allows you to generate heavily customized forms with My Calendar’s event fields. You can use the up and down arrows to modify the order of fields, customize labels, set default category or location, and choose which fields are included.

Any custom fields created in the Custom Field editor will automatically be added to the fields manageable in the form builder. Labels for custom fields are only managed in the custom field editor.

Form building interface showing selected enabled fields and options.

Handling Multiple Submission Forms

View showing the list of forms to select.

The form builder generates a shortcode in the format [submit_event form_id="test-form"]. Selecting and editing that form in the form builder will change the view of that form with no need to change the shortcode.

You can also create additional forms with different data to collect and different requirements. In the front-end event editor, links to edit events from a specific form ID are sent to the form that created that event for editing.