General settings

Email notification options for new events.
Set options for event notifications
  • Set whether the submitter should be notified about their submission.
  • Set whether the administrator should be notified about new submissions.
  • Enable HTML notifications (text-only email by default.)
  • Define sending email address.

Messages sent to administrators

Email templates for subject & body text for new events sent to administrators.
Settings for administrator notifications

There are two types of notifications that are sent: one for newly submitted events, and a second if a submitted event is edited. Each option has a separate subject and message text.

The new event notification is sent whenever an event is posted using the front-end submissions form.

The edited event notification is sent whenever an event is edited using the front-end editing form. It is not sent for edits in the admin Event Manager.

Message sent to submitters

Email templates for event submitters.
Settings for email notifications sent to submitters.

There are three notifications sent to submitters following submission.

  1. Message sent following a new submission.
  2. A message sent if the event is edited by an administrative user in the Event Manager.
  3. A message sent to notify the user that their submission has been published.