Event submissions settings as of My Calendar Pro 3.0.0.
Settings in My Calendar 3.0.0.

Review pending events: By default, events submitted via the public submission forms are assigned “Pending” status, and require approval for publication. This link points to the My Calendar Events Management screen with ‘Pending’ events shown.

Event submissions page: Links to your currently defined submissions form. It’s not required to use the primary submissions form, but if you’re offering front-end event editing, then you will need this form to support all of the front-end eligible fields. Set the ID for your event submissions form page in the “Event Submission Page ID” field.

Event editing page: Event submissions can also be edited on the front-end if your users are logged-in. Event editing is not available for users without a log-in. Set the ID for your event editing form page in the “Event Editing Page ID” field.

Create new submissions forms: Although a basic shortcode is automatically created when you install the plug-in, you may want to customize it. This link goes to the shortcode generator so that you can configure the settings for your submission form.

Submission Settings

Date Format hint: What date format is used in the My Calendar date selector.

Time format hint: What time format is used in the My Calendar time selector.

Use AJAX form submission: As of My Calendar 3.0.0, submitting dynamically using AJAX is the default. If you wish to disable this, you can do so. If you’ve upgraded from an earlier version, you can enable AJAX here.

Prevent Conflicting Events: If checked, My Calendar: Submissions will reject event submissions that conflict with a previously scheduled event (in the same location, when location information is being submitted as well.)

Allow public event submitters to upload images: If checked, submitters will be able to upload images to your site for their event image when that field is included in your form. Otherwise, they must provide a URL to the image.

Automatically publish submitted events: Normally, all events are expected to go through approval. If you want them to just go immediately to the calendar, however, you can allow all events to be automatically approved.

By default, any events submitted by users who already have permission to post events to the calendar will be automatically approved. E.g., if you publish an event from the front-end form while logged-in as an administrator, that event will be immediately published.