Web accessibility is a dynamic field, and as WordPress and web standards change, features in WP Accessibility are periodically removed.

Remove title attributes

The only remaining remove title attribute feature is for tag clouds, and that’s only barely relevant. Since WordPress 6.1, tag clouds default to having title attributes disabled, and those title attributes are non-duplicative, as they contain descriptive information about the tags. All other major uses of title attributes in front-end HTML created by WordPress core have been removed.

You may find that your site still has title attributes in menus or other contexts; if so, that’s because you’re using a theme or plugin that is inserting those or overriding the core WordPress structure.

Insert role attributes for landmarks

When landmark roles first came out, they required an attribute for full support by assistive technology. HTML5 elements like nav, main, and aside were not yet mapped directly to landmark roles by assistive technology. This is no longer true, so this feature is no longer required.

Custom Admin CSS

The changes that custom admin CSS made are no longer present in core. These included making row actions visible on focus and other minor design changes in the admin.

All modern browser can successfully move focus to targeted locations when using anchor navigation by ID.

WebKit browsers used to have a bug that prevented skip links from targeting content. This has been resolved, and this fix is no longer required.

Enable aria-current in menus

Since WordPress 5.3, aria-current is always present in WordPress navigation menus. This feature is still present in WP Accessibility, but is enabled by default if you’re using a version of WordPress prior to 5.3.