About WP Accessibility

WP Accessibility is a plug-in designed to help you remediate a variety of common accessibility problems in WordPress themes and plugins. The settings in the plugin are divided between Features, Remediations, and Tools.


Features are aspects of WP Accessibility that enhance the accessibility of your website. They aren’t correcting existing flaws, but are adding elements to your site that can enhance the experience for a variety of users.


Remediations are where WP Accessibility finds an issue on your site and makes a best attempt to fix it. Fundamentally, this is an overlay feature – and overlays are, generally speaking, bad news. WP Accessibility makes no claim to fix all accessibility problems on your site or bring your site into compliance with any accessibility guidelines.

The problems it attempts to fix are limited to issues that are readily identifiable and fixable using information available – either information about WordPress and it’s underlying code, or information already present on the page.

You can see information about what remediations WP Accessibility has performed at any time by logging in as an admin on your site and looking at the browser console. When you’re logged in, most remediation features will report whether they’ve done anything.

These features report what they’ve done:

  • Setting HTML language
  • Setting HTML text direction
  • Viewport made scalable
  • Viewport maximum scale set
  • Skip links added
  • ARIA current added to menus
  • Explicit labels added to form fields
  • Implicit labels added to form fields
  • Image title attributes removed (count)
  • Link and button title attributes removed (count)
  • Form field title attributes removed (count)
  • Target attributes removed (count)
  • Tab indices removed (count)
  • Fake buttons with tabindex added (count)
  • Button-like links with tabindex added (count)

At this time, forcing text link underlines is not reported to the browser console – although it should be self-evident.


Tools are mostly admin-focused utilities that may be tangential to accessibility. For example, the alt attribute is not natively searchable in the WordPress media library. WP Accessibility adds this to the searchable index. This is not directly related to accessibility, but it can make it easier for you to find resources if you’re making use of alt attributes effectively.