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Admin bar log out

WP Accessibility inserts a log out link as a top-level item in the WordPress admin bar. This makes it easier for speech recognition and mobile users to log out, as the profile dropdown log out link can be difficult to reach.

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Alt text enforcement

WP Accessibility contains a number of ways to help enforce the use of alt attributes in post content. In the classic editor, images with alt text that is either suspicious or missing will be shown with a label indicating that the image is missing alt text. If the ‘decorative image’ toggle is checked, this rule […]

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Display alt attributes

In April 2022, Twitter launched a tool that makes it easy for all users to see when an image has alt text. This has significantly increased overall societal awareness of alt text and how it’s used. It has also resulted in some significant misuse of alternative text for marketing or humor, but the overall impact […]

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Skip links

Skip links are a means to help users of screen readers jump from the beginning of a page to another section of the page. Visual users can scan a page quickly to identify the larger sections and skip over large blocks of text or links, but users of screen readers can’t easily do that. Skip […]

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Support for longdesc attributes

The longdesc attribute provides a description field for images that are more information-rich than can be conveyed in an alt attribute, such as in graphs or infographics. This uses the WordPress media library’s “Description” field to generate a page linked to from the longdesc attribute which can describe that image. The description field supports HTML, […]

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Video caption enforcement

As with alt attributes, WP Accessibility will show a label in the editor for any uploaded video that has no captions or subtitles. This does not apply to video embeds, such as those coming from YouTube or Vimeo. While WP Accessibility only shows this notice if neither captions nor subtitles are available, I consider it […]

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WP Accessibility Statistics

Note: you will only get a full picture of WP Accessibility’s actions if you turn on all front-end features available in WP Accessibility. The items in the ‘Testing and Admin Experience’ section are not tracked. What WP Accessibility Collects First, the statistics collection is very private; no personally identifying information is collected. WP Accessibility uses […]

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