The “Quick Cart” shows the number of tickets currently in a visitor’s shopping cart and the total price of their cart, with a link to check out. By default, it looks like this:

In your cart: 7 tickets | $56.00 | Checkout

Like everything else in My Tickets, the default CSS is very spartan, to allow you to customize easily, without needing to override existing styles. The HTML, however, has many available hooks for you to use for your own design needs.

<div class='mt-quick-cart' aria-live='polite'>In your cart: <span class='mt_qc_tickets'>7</span> tickets
	<span class='divider'>|</span> 
	<span class='mt_currency'>$</span><span class='mt_qc_total'>56.00</span>
	<span class='divider'>|</span> 
	<a href="">Checkout</a>