If you’re selling tickets by multiple methods, or you like to offer the option to your attendees to simply be checked off on a list or pick up their tickets at the event, then you’ll find a will-call list to be valuable.

My Tickets can produce two different types of will-call lists, both produced by the My Tickets “Reports” screen. The first list is a list of ticket purchasers. This list shows each person who has purchased tickets, along with the types and number of tickets they purchased. If they purchased two different types of tickets (Adult and Child, for example), then they will appear on the list twice, once for each type of ticket.

The second type of will-call list is a list of tickets. This list will show all tickets registered for this event, with the purchaser name, purchase ID, ticket type and ticket price. In this case, the purchaser’s name will appear on the list as many times as the number of tickets they purchased – if they purchased 8 tickets, they will appear on the list 8 times.

Which list is best for you really depends on how your purchasers tend to buy tickets, and which type of event you run.