Shows the select menu for choosing ticket types.My Tickets supports four types of tickets: e-tickets, printable, will call, and postal, to try and best integrate with your event work flow. The type of ticket purchased is determined at the time of payment, so it’s not possible to mix and match events and ticket types: all events need to be sold with the same available types of ticketing.

E-tickets are intended to be presented at the event using a mobile device. You can use your own mobile phone with any QR code reader to scan the ticket and verify it.

Printable tickets are the same as e-tickets, except that they’re designed to be printed. You can also scan the QR code on a printable ticket to verify it.

Will Call assumes that you produce your tickets as a separate process, and will simply produce a report of purchasers to check against and prepare tickets for pick-up. You can produce a list of ticket purchasers and the tickets they purchased from the reporting tab in the My Tickets settings.

Postal tickets assume that you will print a ticket for the purchaser and ship it to them. My Tickets allows you to set a single price for shipping that will be added to an order; it doesn’t provide any method to automatically produce shipping costs. As an administrator, you’ll have access to view the printable ticket for any purchaser, so you can use that to print a ticket if you wish, or produce tickets using a completely independent process.

You can enable any combination of tickets and the purchaser choose the type of ticket they want to purchase.

E-tickets and printable tickets can be extensively customized using theme template files. The templating in My Tickets includes a library of templating functions that you can use in your ticket templates.