The shopping cart shows a variety of information about the events, including the title, date, and time. If the event came from My Calendar, it’s not always possible to provide a link back to the event, in which case the title will be unlinked. For posts and post types, there will always be a link back to the post permalink with the title.

Events that have featured images will also include the image for that event in the shopping cart.

At the first stage of the shopping cart, purchasers need to add their name, email address, ticket type, and choose their preferred payment gateway. If only one payment gateway is configured, the cart will automatically be set to that gateway.

Simple gateways (like the provided PayPal standard gateway) don’t require any additional name or email information; gateways that do require that information will have it automatically entered from the previous fields, so users don’t need to enter the information twice.

All tickets in a given cart need to use the same type of ticket.

Shopping Cart example