The payments list (WordPress Dashboard > Payments) is a pretty straightforward custom post type screen with a few key changes.

First, the screen includes the status of the payment, the total value of that shopping cart, and the receipt ID for the cart. Receipt IDs are generated very early on in the process, so even unsubmitted carts will have a receipt ID assigned already.

Carts that have been created but not submitted for payment will be labeled as “Active Cart” in the list. These will usually linger until they’re completed; My Tickets doesn’t currently automatically clear out old data. However, all active carts also have the “draft” post status, so you can view a list of all active carts by viewing the draft payments.

Display of payments screen.

Payments can have one of four statuses: Completed, for payments that are paid and processed; Pending, for payments still awaiting payment, Failed for any payments where the payment was attempted, but failed, and Refunded, if you’ve refunded the payment.

You can filter the screen to show only payments with one of these statuses, for easier navigation. If you have a large volume of pending payments to mark as completed, you can do that as a bulk action.