Payment settings cover all the settings directly related to making payments, unsurprisingly. My Tickets supports offline payment and PayPal standard out of the box. Other gateways are available for purchase.

Before you can accept payments, you need to set the currency you want to use for selling tickets. You can also define a percentage discount available to logged-in members. Right now, My Tickets doesn’t support any other discount or sales methods.

By default, the offline payment gateway is the only configured option. Using this option, tickets will not be created until you manually mark the payment as completed in the Payments management screen. You can do this prior to receiving the payment if you wish, but you’ll have to take responsibility for making certain that your notification messages reflect the fact that payments have not actually been made!

gateways and PayPal settings are the usual basic configuration for these gateways; look at the Ticketing Help screen to get more information about where to get your information for these gateways if you don’t know. You’ll have to have a PayPal or account to use them.

You can enable Testing mode during development. In this mode, queries will be made against the developer’s sandbox. You can get a free account for the sandbox so that you can verify that everything works before going live. You can also use the PayPal developer sandbox to work with PayPal.

While your site is in test mode, a banner will be displayed at the bottom of your site indicating that the site is in test mode and that payments will not be processed.

If you have an SSL certificate for your site (and I recommend that you do), you can enable SSL for payment pages, and My Tickets will attempt to force SSL for those pages. There are many factors that can prevent a page from properly rendering securely, and My Tickets can’t guarantee this – it’s your responsibility to ensure that your site is secure. An SSL certificate is not required for My Tickets to operate, but is strongly recommended.


Finally, you can set the payment and other rendering pages for your cart. There are three dedicated pages created by My Tickets – one each for your Shopping cart, your tickets page, and your receipts page. The shopping cart will use your standard theme template, and you can edit it just like you would any other page. The tickets and receipts page will automatically use custom templates provided by My Tickets. If you copy the /wp-content/plugins/my-tickets/templates/ directory into your theme directory, you can customize those templates. The copy in your theme directory will be used instead of the default templates. You don’t need to copy the entire directory; only the parts you intend to replace.