It’s sometimes necessary to send an email to everybody who’s purchased a ticket for a particular event. Maybe it’s because there’s a last minute venue change, a cancellation, or a time change – whatever the reason, it’s valuable to be able to send a quick message to everybody coming to an event.

Send Mass Email form

For the most reliable delivery, you should generally use a mailing service like MailChimp or My Emma, but My Tickets will do the job for reasonable numbers of purchasers.

The interface for mass emailing purchasers can be found on the Reports screen in your WordPress dashboard. By default, the message will be sent in HTML format, so you can use HTML in your message.

My Tickets doesn’t provide a direct mechanism to add a header or footer to your message, but it does provide a filter (mt_modify_email_body) that you can use to mass modify all email messages sent by My Tickets. This filter is applied to all email messages sent in any context by My Tickets, so you should take that into consideration when you write filters for these messages. The filter does receive one argument other than the message body, which is a variable indicating whether the message is sent to an admin or a purchaser.