The main settings page for My Tickets is where you:

  • set your license key, entitling you to support and updates
  • determine whether to send email as HTML or plain text
  • designate the recipient of administrative email notifications and the sending address for notifications sent to purchasers
  • Write your notification messages for both administrators and purchaser
  • Determine which post types you would like to use for ticketing

The most significant section of this is the email notifications, which has it’s own article in this documentation. Otherwise, you need to know that you only need the license key in order to be eligible for support and updates (no support of any kind is provided without a license key).

My Tickets will work with any public post type, but the user interface for setting up your tickets is added as a meta box in the post editor administration. If you have a public post type that uses a custom interface, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to set up tickets for that post type.