A printable ticket

Printable and E-tickets are fundamentally the same, but the templates are substantially different; e-tickets are designed for use on a mobile device, in particular. Both types of tickets use QR codes for validation, and you can use any QR scanning device (mobile phone app, iPad, etc.) to scan the QR code and go to the validation URL for that ticket.

If you want the ticket to be marked internally as used, you’ll need to be logged in within your QR scanning device. Many QR code scanning applications provide the ability to open the scanned URL in a browser of your choice, but this is not available in all applications. I’ve had success using the Scan.me app for iOS and Android.

Ticket verified on a mobile device.The validation URL for the ticket will show the name, date, and time of the event, so you can verify that the ticket is for the current event. It will also indicate whether the ticket is verified; if it is, it will show a message saying “Ticket Verified“.

If the ticket is a valid ticket, but has already been checked by a ticket taker who is logged-in to the site and has the ‘mt-verify-ticket’ capability, the message will also indicate that the ticket has been used. Tickets are only registered as having been used if the ticket taker is logged-into your web site and has the correct permissions. By default, only administrators have the capability, but you can assign it to any user.

You can assign capabilities on a user-by-user basis in their user profiles. Only administrators can assign capabilities.

If the ticket ID was not valid, the message displayed will be “Not a valid ticket ID“.

You can customize the tickets using standard WordPress templating methods. My Tickets load a template called ‘tickets.php’ for use as the tickets template; if you place a file by that name in your theme directory, that template will be used in place of My Ticket’s default template.