My Tickets provides relatively sparse default styles. These styles are intended to do the minimum necessary to make My Tickets usable, and reasonably attractive as long as the theme doesn’t impose too many changes.

My Tickets is intended to be customized. You can add your own styles through your theme, but it’s also very easy to override all of My Tickets default CSS. If you add a stylesheet called ‘mt-cart.css’ into a directory in your theme called ‘css’, that stylesheet will be used in place of the default My Tickets stylesheet.

Because the CSS used by My Tickets is designed to be overridden, there’s a very good chance that much of the styles will be overridden by various characteristics of your theme. This is intentional, to keep My Tickets light-weight and easy to modify, but does have consequences if you don’t have the knowledge or experience to customize stylesheets.

Customizing CSS is outside what is provided as support for My Tickets, but if you need assistance, you can submit a support request to hire Joe Dolson Accessible Web Design for customization tasks or to point you towards a developer who can help you.