Create a Discount Code

Discount codes can:

  • Have a range of valid dates
  • Apply as a fixed amount or a percentage of cost
  • Apply to the purchaser’s cart or only specific events
Discount code creation form


  • Discount Code: The text a user will have to enter to apply the discount. Discount codes are not case sensitive, so ’20PERCENT’ and ’20percent’ are the same code.
  • Discount Description: This is an internal-only field for you to note anything about this discount code you want to track for your own reference.
  • Start Date: Sets the beginning date that a code will be valid, if it will be date limited.
  • End Date: Sets the end date for a discount code’s validity.
  • Discount Amount: A numeric value to apply as a discount.
  • Discount Type: Whether the above number will be applied as a simple value or as a percentage.
  • Discount Events: A list of event IDs that this discount code can be applied to, if only available for some events.

Discount Code Label

The default label for adding a discount code is ‘Add a discount code’.

“Add a discount code” field in Shopping Cart

This text can be changed at My Tickets > Discount Codes to better match the way you wish to market your discounts.

Update the Discount form’s label

Managing Discount Codes

Your discount codes will be listed in the admin at My Tickets > Discount Codes, and can be edited or deleted from there.

Editing or deleting discount codes will not change past purchase or any accounting references within the plug-in. However, deleting or modifying a code while it’s being used (e.g., between the time a user adds the discount code to their cart and when they check out) can have strange results.

Manage Discount Codes table

The discount codes table shows you all of your discount codes, what their discount is, and the relevant information about how they are applied.

  • My Tickets does not track usage of discount codes.
  • Deleting a Discount Code is instantaneous, with no recovery option for the deleted code.