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Create a Discount Code

Discount codes can: Have a range of valid dates Apply as a fixed amount or a percentage of cost Apply to the purchaser’s cart or only specific events Fields: Discount Code: The text a user will have to enter to apply the discount. Discount codes are not case sensitive, so ’20PERCENT’ and ’20percent’ are the […]

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Managing Discount Codes

Your discount codes will be listed in the admin at My Tickets > Discount Codes, and can be edited or deleted from there. Editing or deleting discount codes will not change past purchase or any accounting references within the plug-in. However, deleting or modifying a code while it’s being used (e.g., between the time a […]

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Using Discount Codes

When a user applies a discount code, it will usually be immediately applied to their cart. If they change or update their cart, the discount code will be applied to any changes made as well. Only one discount code can be applied at a time. If the user wishes to use a different discount code, […]

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