Discount codes can:

  • Have a range of valid dates
  • Apply as a fixed amount or a percentage of cost
  • Apply to the purchaser’s cart or only specific events
Discount code creation form


  • Discount Code: The text a user will have to enter to apply the discount. Discount codes are not case sensitive, so ’20PERCENT’ and ’20percent’ are the same code.
  • Discount Description: This is an internal-only field for you to note anything about this discount code you want to track for your own reference.
  • Start Date: Sets the beginning date that a code will be valid, if it will be date limited.
  • End Date: Sets the end date for a discount code’s validity.
  • Discount Amount: A numeric value to apply as a discount.
  • Discount Type: Whether the above number will be applied as a simple value or as a percentage.
  • Discount Events: A list of event IDs that this discount code can be applied to, if only available for some events.