Settings – Output

Output Settings is located under My Calendar > Settings > Output.

Output Settings

Output Settings

Calendar Links

Open links as a pop-up
Opens a pop-up card and one can click “Read more” to continue to the single event view.

Open event links in single event view
Bypasses the pop-up card and goes straight to the single event making My Calendar significantly faster.

Disable calendar links
This option will disable all event links in the main calendar.

Re-order calendar layout

Re-order calendar layout
Define a default layout for calendars. Use the arrow icons to move fields up or down or use drag and drop to rearrange the order these are seen in. Click the eye to hide fields. These settings will be overridden if you customize the field settings in the My Calendar shortcodes.

Event Display Fields

The series of checkboxes gives you the ability to display or hide a variety of different fields directly in the frontend for Single Event, Calendar Popup, List View and Mini Calendar Popup.

Tabs for Single Event, Main View (Popup or List) and Mini Calendar Popup.

Choose fields to show in the various frontend views. Adjusting the templates can override these settings.

Grid Options

Show Weekends on Calendar.
Mobile View: Switch to list view, Switch to mini calendar or no change.

List Options

How many months of events to show at a time: (default) 1.
Show the first event’s title and the number of events that day next to the date.
Show all event titles next to the date.

Mini Calendar Options

Target link for mini calendar dates – This URL is the destination you want links from the mini calendar to use.
Link action for mini calendar: Event pop-up, daily view page (above), in-page anchor on main calendar page (list), in-page anchor on main calendar page (grid).

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