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Calendar Filters Shortcode

See Demo You can use this shortcode to display the calendar’s location, category, and accessibility filters separately from the main calendar. By default, it passes queries to your calendar’s main view, as configured in settings, but can query other pages by providing the target_url attribute. The attribute must point to a page on your site […]

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My Calendar Display Options

My Calendar has two primary methods for displaying events: Shortcodes and Widgets. Shortcodes are small pieces of code intended to be placed in posts or pages. Some examples of using shortcodes are, adding a standard grid-format calendar, a list-formatted calendar, showing the events for the month, the week, or the day. Continue reading below to […]

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Search Events

My Calendar includes a simple search form that can be used in a few different ways. The main parameter for the search form is a target URL. By default, searches will be targeted to the main My Calendar page, where your calendar is displayed. In that case, they’ll display in whatever default view your calendar […]

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Shortcode Generators

The shortcode generator is located under My Calendar > Shortcodes. You can use the shortcode generator to create shortcodes for the Main, Upcoming, and Today shortcodes. These are the most commonly used events displays, but there are several other shortcodes available: There are a few other older shortcodes that still exist, but are no longer […]

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Shortcodes: Happening Next

This shortcode is largely identical to the Happening Now shortcode, except that it: By default, it will pick the next event. By using the ‘skip’ argument, it will skip over an event and pick the next one found. Otherwise, see information about the Happening Now shortcode.

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Shortcodes: Happening Now

This shortcode is used to display an event that is currently happening. It selects the first event found that is happening at the time the page is loaded. Passing the category argument with a category ID or comma separated list of categories will limit the selection to events with those categories. The template argument can […]

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