A common pattern for WordPress in many views is to show an excerpt of your post with a link to read the entire post. By default, this link is just plain text “more” or “continue reading” or an equivalent. This is problematic for accessibility because it means that there are many links on the same page with the same link text.

For accessibility, all links should make sense without requiring context, to grant screen readers the ability to scan the page and have information. This plug-in adds the title of the post into this pattern, so that instead of hearing “Continue Reading. Continue Reading. Continue Reading.”, the user will hear something like “Continue Reading About The Storm. Continue Reading The Storm Aftermath. Continue Reading Cleaning Up”, and be able to pick the article they actually want to read from that set of links.

In classic themes, any existing read more is adjusted to add this text. In block themes, the read more link is appended to the excerpt and the excerpt block’s ‘read more’ links are hidden using CSS.

Further reading about identifying link purpose.