The grid view is the most traditional calendar layout option. By default, it’s a table with either five or seven columns for the days of the week. Each cell contains headings with the time and title of the events on that day, ordered by start time.

The title can be customized using the Display Settings for “Event title (Grid)”.

Grid view with seven columns, one event opened with minimal details.
Grid view showing seven days


The list view is organized the same way as the grid view. Each day is represented by a list item containing the events for that day. The list view has two different interaction options: using the date as a toggle to view the events on that day, or showing the event titles by default, and using the event titles to toggle the details for that event.

The title in list view can be customized using the Display Settings for “Event title (List)”. Enable the event titles view by checking “Show events in list view” under the “List Options” section on the same settings page.

List view showing event titles.
List view without titles. Current day expanded.


The mini or compact calendar uses a compact grid like the main grid calendar, using the current date as a toggle to show details for all events on that date.

Mini calendar; nothing expanded.

Script Options

The grid, list, and mini all support two options for interactions: a disclosure widget and a modal. These are configured at Design > Scripts. The screenshots above show the disclosure widget, which varies somewhat from view to view. The pop-up is largely the same for all views, except that some views show multiple events and others show only one.

Grid view with modal popup showing one event
Grid view using modal.


My Calendar also uses a variety of upcoming events lists, configurable either using widgets or shortcodes. Unlike the main calendar views, these are lists of events, rather than lists of dates. There are four of these available: Upcoming Events, Today’s Events, Now, and Next.

The shortcodes [my_calendar_now] and [my_calendar_next] each display only one event: the first only shows anything if there is an event currently happening; the second shows whatever event is the next up in the calendar.

Upcoming Events and Today’s Events are documented in the Shortcodes and Widgets pages.