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Deprecated Stylesheets

dark.css A theme in dark grays and blacks with light text and dark blue highlighting. inherit.css These styles provide a minimal degree of styling, allowing most theme defaults to be dominant. light.css A light-colored theme almost entirely in whites and light grays with black text. my-calendar.css Default theme for versions 1.5 through 1.8.9. It’s largely […]

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Design – Scripts

Scripts is located under My Calendar > Design > Scripts. Disabling scripts will break calendar interactions. This feature is intended for advanced users who wish to provide their own custom scripting. Script Manager Insert scripts on these pages (comma separated post IDs) Find the ID for the WordPress page the calendar is on and add […]

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Design – Style Editor

Style Editor is located under My Calendar > Design > Style Editor. Style Editor Select My Calendar Theme. CSS Style Options Load CSS only on selected pages.Disable My Calendar CSS.Edit a My Calendar stylesheet. CSS Variables Change the primary, secondary, and hightlight colors. Select My Calendar Theme. Choose a theme and click the Preview Stylesheet […]

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Design – Templates

Templates is located under My Calendar > Design > Templates. Template Editor Core Templates The core templates will display event details and appear in five places: gridThe main grid calendar. The content that appears in the popup window. listThe list view calendar. miniThe mini view calendar. details (single event)The single event view, or details page. […]

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Single Event Template

By default, the single event view uses the single.php template from your WordPress theme, or whatever nearest template is appropriate based on the template hierarchy. You can customize the template by using a single-mc-events.php template file in your theme or child theme directory. Copy whatever template file is closest to what you want for your […]

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Template Tag Index

All template tags support two attributes: before=”value” and after=”value”. The values of the attributes will be placed before and after the output value. These attribute values must be wrapped in double quotes. Date/Time template tags support the “format” attribute: format=”M, Y”, where the value is a PHP formatted date string. Only dtstart and dtend include […]

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