Category: Payments

Manual Entry Payments

Manual payments allow you to accept payments via any method – cash, check, crypto, or alternative online payment – and use those payments to provide event keys. You can also use them to grant free keys at any time, to any user. Quantity: How many events can be submitted using this key. Each event submitted […]

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Payments Reporting

My Calendar Pro produces a simple report showing sales, dates, and how many times a given key has been used. As a key is used, the remaining uses will be shown. You can edit any payment to grant additional event licenses or adjust information about the payment: Quantity: The number of event submissions currently available […]

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Requiring Payments

Event submission is a free service by difficult. There are many membership plugins that can be used to control access to your site or to pages of your site for a fee, but if you simply want to grant a variety of users access to pay to submit events, My Calendar Pro allows that. Check […]

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