Table showing keys and usage information.

My Calendar Pro produces a simple report showing sales, dates, and how many times a given key has been used. As a key is used, the remaining uses will be shown.

You can edit any payment to grant additional event licenses or adjust information about the payment:

Editable fields for editing payments

Quantity: The number of event submissions currently available on the event key.

Submissions Purchased: The total number of submissions allowed on this key.

You cannot change the event submissions key once it has been granted.

Search Payments

Searchable fields for payments

Name/Email: Name and email as provided.

Transaction ID: The transaction ID provided from the payment gateway. (Not shown.)

Payment Key: Their event submission key.

After/Before: Get all payments within a date range.

Status: Get payments having a specific status.

Search results

Search results showing results, totals shown, and search limits applied.

Earnings Summary

Summary of payments made

My Calendar Pro provides a brief summary of the current month, current year, previous month, previous year, and all time sales totals.