Author: Paal Joachim

Generate Shortcodes – Submissions Forms

Generate Shortcodes – Submissions Forms is located under My Calendar > Shortcodes > Submission Forms. The My Calendar Pro submissions form builder allows you to generate heavily customized forms with My Calendar’s event fields. You can use the up and down arrows to modify the order of fields, customize labels, set default category or location, […]

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Settings – Blog New Events

Blog New Events Settings is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > Blog New Events. Click the checkbox for “Copy new events as posts” when you want to cross post the event to your blog as a post. Post New Events as Post settings The settings for blogging new events are all about mapping […]

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Settings – Custom Fields

Custom Fields Settings is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > Custom Fields. My Calendar supports custom fields to collect event information that isn’t natively supported by My Calendar. Since My Calendar Pro 3.0.0, you can create your custom fields directly in the admin. Custom field types supported include text, email, number, date, time, url, tel, select, checkbox, radio, textarea, and hidden fields. Custom fields can […]

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Settings – Events from Posts

Events from Posts Settings is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > Events from Posts. The reverse of “Blog New Events”, this feature allows you to generate a calendar event while creating other post types. Enable event creation from posts by checking “Post events from posts” Event from Posts Settings Supported Post TypesAll public […]

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Settings – Importer

Importer is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > Importer. Import Events Settings Restrict event import by time If you have an import file that contains a wide range of events, you can restrict your import to a subset of those events based on date. Import Events from iCal format (.ics) Import to Category […]

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Settings – Notifications

Notifications Settings is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > Notifications. General Settings Messages sent to administrators There are two types of notifications that are sent: one for newly submitted events, and a second if a submitted event is edited. Each option has a separate subject and message text. The new event notification […]

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Settings – Other Settings

Other Settings is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > Other Settings. Enable language selector on events – Multilingual Events My Calendar Pro ships with support for multilingual event listings. If you’re offering events in more than one language, you can mark the language for each event. This is primarily about screen reader accessibility; […]

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Settings – Payments

Payment Settings is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > Payments. Event submission is a free service by default. There are many membership plugins that can be used to control access to your site or to pages of your site for a fee, but if you simply want to grant a variety of […]

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Settings – REST API

REST API Settings is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > REST API.By default REST API features are disabled. Any site with My Calendar Pro installed can be set up to share events with another site that has My Calendar Pro installed. For security purposes, there are a number of controls in place to […]

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Settings – Submissions

Submissions Settings is located under My Calendar > My Calendar Pro > Submissions. Event Submissions Settings No pending events/Review pending eventsWhen there is one or more draft events. “No pending events” will change to “Review pending” events. By default, events submitted via the public submission forms are assigned “Pending” status, and require approval for publication. The […]

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