First, configure Stripe for My Tickets and place into test mode.

Stripe makes a collection of test credit card numbers available for you to experiment with various payment scenarios.

  • From the front-end, add tickets that have a cost for an event to your cart. (Free tickets will not trigger a payment gateway.)
  • Navigate to check out.
  • Be sure to select ‘Stripe’ from the gateway options.
Select “Stripe” for your payment gateway if you’re using more than one.

In test mode

When in test mode, choose a test credit card from the Stripe test cards to experiment with different scenarios. This allows you to see what happens when a card is rejected as well as what will happen on a successful purchase.

In live mode

In live mode, I suggest either setting a ticket price very low for your own testing or using the ‘Member discount’ feature at My Tickets > Payment Settings to test at a discount. If you’re using My Tickets: Discounts, you can also test with coupon codes.