If you need to import events from another site running My Calendar, you can do this using the My Calendar event export API with the My Calendar Pro importer. This requires the My Calendar export API to be enabled from the source site, which it is not by default.

Enable the API at My Calendar > Settings > General:

Advanced settings in My Calendar

Once the external API is enabled on the source site, you can use the normal My Calendar Pro imports to fetch events.

The URL you’ll need to use will follow a predictable pattern:


All of the available parameters are documented in the My Calendar external API documents; you can import any set of events you choose from within those specifications, with a couple of exceptions:

  • Private events are always excluded from exports.
  • Drafts and trashed events are excluded from exports.
  • Archived events will be included.

If the source site makes heavy use of recurring events, then there will be a significant mismatch between the number of events the importer tells you it’s importing and what it actually imports. The number of events it starts with is simply the number of rows in the CSV file; My Calendar Pro has not yet processed the events in any way.

During processing, My Calendar Pro will only import one of any given recurring event, and use that event to generate the recurring series – all other events in the series will be discarded.

If you select a date period that includes recurring events, the recurring events will be propagated from the time the recurring event started, and will not be limited to within the period imported.