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Import Events

Import Settings Restrict event import by time: If you have an import file that contains a wide range of events, you can restrict your import to a subset of those events based on date. Ignore events in the past Ignore events more than a month in the past Ignore events more than a year in […]

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Import Events from CSV

A .csv file, or comma separated values file, offers a significantly more flexible way of importing events than the standardized iCal format (.ics). While .ics files are standardized, they’re also quite limited in how they’re structured and what information can be included. The only absolutely required fields are event_title and event_begin, but you can also […]

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Import Events from My Calendar

If you need to import events from another site running My Calendar, you can do this using the My Calendar event export API with the My Calendar Pro importer. This requires the My Calendar export API to be enabled from the source site, which it is not by default. Enable the API at My Calendar […]

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