Category: Premium Add-ons

Purchase My Tickets: to accept payments using, one of the oldest and best know payment gateways. If you’ve been running your organization online for a long time, you probably already have an account. With this add-on, you can go ahead and handle your payments using your existing processor.

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Purchase My Tickets: Discounts to support the creation and acceptance of discount codes. With this add-on, you can create custom discount codes to use in promoting your events and providing segmented discounts to groups of your customers. Discount codes are added to the bottom of the shopping cart, and can be applied, removed, and updated. […]

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Purchase My Tickets: Donations to allow ticket purchaser to make a donation while they purchase their tickets. If you’re operating a non-profit organization, event tickets are rarely enough to cover your events on their own; providing the option for users to add a donation to their purchase without requiring a separate checkout process can help […]

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Purchase My Tickets: Stripe to use the easy and secure payment gateway as a way for your visitors to use their credit card and make purchases. Stripe is a great platform for handling payments, and is (relatively) easy to set up. (Hey, it’s a payment gateway. None of them are actually easy.)

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