Joining a Waiting List

When tickets are sold out, My Tickets: Waiting List automatically generates a form requesting the visitor’s name, email, and how many tickets they’re looking for:

Waiting List form

After joining the waiting list, the visitor can cancel their name from the waiting list:

Cancel after adding. “Your name and email have been added to the waiting list.”

Waiting List Admin

In the admin, My Tickets: Waiting Lists adds a new screen to the My Tickets settings. On this page, you can view a list of recent waiting list requests or a list of events with requests:

Recently made requests

From an individual event, you can view the requests on that event, and download a CSV containing the list of requests for the event.

Download CSV or view outstanding requests.

The list of events with requests shows all events with outstanding requests that are still in the future. Events in the past are hidden.

List of events showing sales, date, and a link to view the waiting list.

If there are events with outstanding waiting list requests that are in the past, there will be a link available to clear old waiting lists. This will remove all data for waiting list requests on all past events.

Remove waiting lists on past events.