Help – Get Support

Get Support is located under My Calendar > Help > Get Support.
Here is an example of what the screen can look like.

My Calendar > Help > Get Support

Sometimes support will ask you to copy the system information to make it easier to figure out where an error might be. As there might be a plugin or theme or other conflict. Looking through the system information gives a quick overview of the environment the My Calendar plugin is used in.

Quick Start Guide – Getting Started

You can also get to this Quick Start Guide in the WordPress backend by going to Help -> Getting Started. It is meant to quickly give you the basics on how to use the My Calendar plugin.

After having activated My Calendar plugin a new default “My Calendar” page will automatically be created. The Calendar Page Location can be changed through the Settings > General screen.

Quick Start Guide – My Calendar > Settings > General – Calendar Page Location.

Go to My Calendar page and notice at the bottom the My Calendar Display Options (click the arrow to open). This is a way to quickly set the default of how your calendar will look on the frontend. Here you can explore various views and what is seen. Go to My Calendar Display Options documentation to learn more about these options.

Meta boxes. My Calendar page – Display Options

Learn about how to Add Events.